Ch Wingmaster Heaven And Earth MH WCX


5/27/2002 - 10/11/2011

Howie was our very special son of Ch Gamekeeper’s Black Hawk MH WCX HoF and Ch Wingmaster’s Flying Felda CDX. He was bred by Diane Nuzum and Maureen  Kolassa .

Howie won his first points, a four point major at the GWFCRC Supported entry at  Silver Bay Kennel 2004 club show.  In December 2004 he won another four point major at the Shoreline Kennel club show. In May 2005 he won yet another four point major at the GWFCRC Supported show at the Mission Circuit.

At the 2004 National Specialty in Vallejo Howie JAMed in the Steady Singles Championship (he was the youngest dog  entered) and passed both the WC and WCX tests.

At the 2005 Nation al Specialty in Georgia Howie passed his fourth Senior Hunter test for his title and finished his Master Hunter title at the GWFCRC hunt test on June 8, 2008.

Howie died suddenly of cancer in the fall of 2011 and his loss was a great blow.  He was a very loving dog, and we miss snuggling with him.

Hips OFA Good  *  Elbows OFA Normal  *  Patella OFA Normal   *   Thyroid Normal

Cleared for Glaucoma  *  CERFed Annually     *  Vet Gen tested pure for black