GCHB Kistryl Clocks Fall Back CDX BN GO RM RAE SH CGC TKI WCX (1 UD leg, 3 MH legs)


(GCh Flatterhaft Nike Everclear MH WCX ex Ch Starworker’s Questions To Be Asked JH WC)

DoB 10-21-14    Bred by Cheryl Kistner & Marilyn Wilcox    Owned by Julie Ann Ressler

I was quite taken with Trip when I saw his baby picture on the Kistryl website and was delighted when Julie brought him to Southern California. Even though Julie is very busy with her career and her children, she has accomplished quite a bit with Trip, all owner trained and handled.  We got to know Trip better when he was here for the breeding and we fell in love with him! He is a kind and gentle boy, who loves to carry things around in his mouth. He is very pretty, with a correct coat & tail set, tight feet and  lovely side movement.  We love his puppies out of our Eve.

Trip winning BoB at Silver Bay show in February 2020

Trip’s lovely head is featured on the GWFCRC logo, designed by Maria Heskins from a photo taken by Candy.

Trip and Julie in Best of Breed at the 2019 Specialty.
Photos by Chris Butler.


Trip in route to his first UD leg on February 22, 2020

Best of Breed at the GWFCRC Supported Entry in February 2020.

Baby Trip at Prado.

Trip and Julie recently made their debut in MH and have three consecutive passes!

Kistryl FCRs