Ch Sanderling Amen To That SH WCX (3 MH legs)


Ch Woodland Petersfield Jericho CD SH WCX ex Ch Sanderling Love Never Fails SH WCX

September 18, 2003 - March 21, 2011

Scott Creamer

Escondido, CA

Amy and I made a good team. She was my first field dog.. (and first Flat _Coat..). She did finish her championship thanks to the help of many as I rarely let her into the ring. We made it thru Senior Hunter and finished 3 of her five legs for Master.  Sadly she was just peaking when we had to quit field training and running in tests due to the economy.

My very first field event was in 2004 up at the Northern California Specialty. We had been training for about 3 months it was quite exciting to place 3rd in unsteady singles.

Then a few years went by and we accomplished a lot together. She learned to handle well and was a good
marker as she matured.. You have to love watching the  experienced dogs as they turn towards their next memory mark as they hand off a bird. She was quite lovely and  biddable, and excellent companion, very easy to be around.

Yes,  Amy we made a great team and I miss you.