Sanderling Abigail


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Born September 18, 2003 - August 2, 2014

Terri & Paul Cohen

Newport Beach, CA

We have owned dogs all of our lives but Abby is our first

Flat- Coat.   From the day Paul brought her home, a tiny bundle in his arms, we knew she had that unique Flat Coat personality.  A happy dog, easy to teach and eager to please, she has always had boundless energy.  She likes to try to trick us into doing things for her (sometimes I wondered who was training who! )

-- a Flat -Coat brings a lot of laughter into your life.

She has traveled with us on lengthy car trips, staying in hotels and sitting at our feet at some lovely outdoor restaurants,

always conducting herself in a polite and friendly manner.  She is incredibly smart and has a larger “human” vocabulary than I’ve ever seen in any dog.  Abby is nearly nine years old now and still healthy, happy and active.    She still loves retrieving, playing in water and car rides and is absolutely devoted to her family.  She has welcomed a younger dog, another Flat Coat from Sanderling, into our home.   We are so grateful to the Ferner family for bringing our beautiful Abigail into our lives.