Ice and Banner

December 2021 Breeding

Black & Liver Puppies Expected

GCHB Swallowsflight Ice-Cool Cyclone BN SH WCX ( MH passes)
(Whizbang’s Billi Bi - Swallowsflight Cyclone-Hussy)

Ice took my breath away when I saw him at the Oregon Specialty. He is gorgeous!  I’m not the only one who thinks so as he won a JAM at the Specialty and went on to win Best of Breed at Eukanuba , a JAM at Westminster as well as other prestigious awards.  But what makes him an exciting choice for Banner is his work ethic. Ice is well on his way to his Master Hunter title.

Flyway Farms Banner Over Sanderling MH WCX
(Ch Quill’s Flight Status WC -Ch Windfall’s Ripple in Still Water MH WCX)

Banner is the best working dog we have owned (and she is our 6th Master Hunter FCR) a result of high drive and solid biddability. We really want one of her puppies! Even though Banner is not a show dog, she has a lovely head, and the Ice-Banner combo may very well produce pups suited for work and conformation as well as being delightful family members.


Drop us a line if you are interested in being on the puppy list.