Ch Amani’s Hunter Eclipse UD JH OA NAJ WCX HoF

Ch Amani’s Windfall Magic CD MH WCX*** HoF

Ch Artic Sun’s Wingover Chat CD MH***HoF

Ch Athercroft’s Blac Jack

Ch Beacon’s Sergeant Pepper CD SH WCX

Ch Beachcliff Alec The Shadow Baldwin CD JH OA NAJ

GCH Bertschire Horse Power JH WC

GCH Bertschire Independence JH RN

Ch Bolingbroke Althea Jane

Ch Bolingbroke Waterwyn’s Sequel AX OAJ WC HoF

Ch Bolingbroke Maxwell Smart

Ch Bolingbroke Punky Brewster CD JH

Ch Comic’s Catman Dooley JH WC

Ch Crossraguel Boston’s Teal CDX JH WC

Ch Darkside Elegant Velvet CD JH WC HoF

Ch Dexmoor’s Always On My Mind CD WC

Ch Destiny One Gun Salute CDX WCX

Ch Flatford Major Obsession JH WC

Ch Folly’s That’s Just Ducky CD JH WC

Ch Gamekeeper’s Black Hawk MH WCX HoF

Ch Gamekeeper’s Time And The Bell CD

Ch Grousemoor Dexmoor’s Torch WC

Ch Grousemoor Northern Song CDX TDX SH WCX

Hardscrabble Kaotic Kosmos Can MH WCX ***

Ch Jantel’s Ecclefechan Jim

Ch Kistryl Clocks Fall Back CDX JH RAE WCX

Ch Mantayo Take Notice CDX JH WCX

Ch Marquin’s Hodi UD MH HoF

Ch Moonstone Astrozombies Magical Mystery Tour SH NA NAJ WCX

Ch Omega’s Heartbreak Kid

Ch Petersfield Gallant Jacob

Petersfield Kera Tetley CD

Ch Petersfield Karmel Lalique

Ch Petersfield Maggie Mathilda

Ch Petersfield Pathfinder

Ch Petersfield Princess Daisy

Ch Petersfield Tobias James CD

Ch Petersfield Waterhouse Blues

Ch Rowansgaard Diggory Venn CD MH NA NAJ TD WCX

Ch MACH13 Shasta Belstar Magic Happens CDX  RA JH HOF

GCh MACH Shasta Brownstone CD JH RA HoF

Ch Snowdown Canis Major CD

Ch Windfall’s Morning Star CDX MH

Ch Wingmaster’s Blac Apex CDX TD SH WCX HoF

Ch Wingmaster’s Flyin’ Felda CDX

Ch Wingmaster’s Free Will UDX SH OA OAJ WCX HOF

Ch MACH2 Wingmaster’s Ice Cap CDX JH WCX HOF

Ch MACH Wingmaster’s Kasper CD MH HOF

Ch Wingmaster’s Mountain Man JH MX MXJ WCX

Woodland Willow Creek & Woodland Black Willow

Ch Wyncliffs British Isle

Ch Wyncrest Kool Water

Wonderful Dogs Who Are Found in Our Pedigrees

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Sanderling Flat-Coated Retrievers