Ch Rowansgaard Diggory Venn CD MH NA NAJ TD WCX HOF


(Ch Hallbent Most Happy Fella SH WCX ex Can Ch Rowansgaard Lady of Shalot)

Bred by Susan Ware  Owned, trained and loved by Beth Garland

(11/19/2003 - 7/22/2015)

Diggor is the result of a line breeding that produced classic English type and temperament. He is my first Senior and Master Hunter. He is a talented dog that demonstrates both drive and steadiness in the field.

FCRSC 2004 Specialty: Reserve Winners at nine months of age under English Judge Jill Saville.

FCRSA 2005 Specialty: First Place 15 -18 month dogs – Sweeps

FCRSA 2006 Specialty: First Place Working Retriever Dog; JAM Steady Singles; Working Certificate Excellent; First Place Novice B JWW;  Show Me Versatility Award.

FCRSA 2007 Specialty: First Place Open Standard Agility: Second Place Field Trial Class Dog.

FCRSA 2008 Specialty: A Diggor son- Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau went BOSS. Diggor did not attend.

FCRSA 2009 Specialty: Steady Singles Winner, 4th Place in Qualifying, a Master Hunter qualification. Diggor’s son, Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau received a JAM in BOB.

FCRSA 2010 Specialty: First Place Field Trial Dog.

FCRSA 2011 Specialty: First Place Field Trial Dog. Made the final cut in BOB.

FCRSA 2012 Specialty: First Place Veteran Sweeps 7-9

FCRSA HOF Inductee for 2013.

FCRSA 2015 Specialty FIRST PLACE 11 and UP VETERAN.