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Bred by Rebecca Tilley

Owned, trained and loved by Ruth and Kingsley Sumner

March 9, 1999 - May 20, 2009

Chris Butler

Jake was a wonderful dog. He was about 23 1/2 inches and very well- proportioned. He did not look small because he had good bone and substance. Jake maintained a very consistent weight of between 60 and 62 pounds his whole life.

He introduced me to field when I went to a NEFCRC "Try Field" training session. I knew nothing. Jake's drive and enthusiasm made me an instant convert and I've been active in field ever since. Marking came naturally and when he did rarely have a hunt, it was intelligently done. He was extremely agile and athletic. I've never seen a more graceful, elegant Flat-cCoat in the field. He was a confident, brave, sensible dog and he always worked hard to please me. He also never had an injury other than a cut in the field, a testament, I think, to his sound structure. We kind of stumbled into hunt tests and Jake earned his JH in four straight tests. Handling came a little hard for us because I started teaching him handling very late, long after his JH title, and by that time he was sure he knew where all the blinds were ;-). But we persevered and earned his Senior


He had a sweet, gentle disposition and was a perfect home companion — never destroyed anything, never counter-cruised, had a calm, steady demeanor. He was very healthy all his ten years. He was our shop dog in our store for eight of his ten years and our customers loved to come in to see this sweet gentleman. In fact, they often visited him without any intention of doing business with us!

Ruth Sumner